TESSA– Tessa has been running dogs with Drift Away Mushing since the beginning!  We have spent ten years learning and growing with her and you will never meet anyone as kind-hearted


SYDNEY – The owner and one who started the kennel.  Sydney's entire world revolves around her love for animals of all shapes and sizes.   

MADDIE – Sydney's sister and second in command when it comes to booking rides and running dogs we would be lost without her. 

Meet The mushers:

   Drift Away Mushing Adventures started in 2006 when Sydney's mom encouraged her with a single Siberian Husky to start training and running her. Since then we have worked hard to run and train dogs while being able to maintain the rest of our farm.   

  Our dogs are our year round pride and joy, our entire worlds are molded around our dogs needs!  We love racing, giving rides and educating everyone about our passion.