Bertha is our only girl and the biggest horse in our herd!  She is a 16 year old black percheron and is the sweetest horse you will ever meet.  She ADORES children, especially babies!

Roy: 15 year old Belgian gelding.  Roy is stoic and hard-working - his no-nonsense personality always gets everyone focused quickly back on the task at hand. 

Tomahawk is a 12 year old North American Spotted Draft.  This boy has loads of personality and captures the eyes of everyone he meets with his beautiful markings.  Once you meet Tomahawk you will not ever be able to forget him!

Winston is a 13 year old white percheron. he loves to run around and get muddy in the field but cleans up into a majestic white unicorn!  

Bill is a 16 year old black Percheron gelding.  He is great to ride or drive in a team or single.   He is alpha in our herd and a has a calm and relaxing aura that everyone can immediately sense.