It's hard to tell whether the dogs or the mushers enjoy doing presentations more! We do presentations  for schools, boyscouts and all other types of groups!  During the presentation we will bring one sled, gear and 1-2 dogs to help us educate everyone about sled dogs for an hour!  We always leave time to answer questions and can custom tailor any presentation to fit your particular needs!  Cost: $800.00 (up to 40 miles of driving included - additional costs for mileage over 40 miles round trip.  

Five Mile Tour:  

Dip your feet into dogsledding without having to dedicate a whole day to it!  You will get the opportunity to help harness the dogs and hook them up to the sled then go one an hour long ride through the beautiful New England Scenery. Throughout the ride we will go over positions on the team, what we look for in a sled dog and answer any questions anyone has!  After the ride we encourage everyone to help us hydrate and give cookies to the special working dogs that gave us our ride. Cost: $125.00 per person.